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Unit cap!? | | insane swarm strategy - battle deck

CAN WE GET 10 LIKES? ---- DESCRIPTION The unit limit | Insane swarm strategy | Battle deck | Clash Royale | As always thanks for watching! And remember to share this video with your grandfather :) Btw huge fan of GAMINGwithMOLT, Chief Pat, Godson, EndingGamertag and QuickbabyTV so go visit them also! My Main Youtube Channel: My Twitter Account: My Google Account: Stewartlll/posts: Where I Get My Music From: About Me: I like to watch youtube videos so one day I decided to make youtube videos... -------- THE UNIT LIMIT!? | Clash Royale | Insane Swarm Strategy - Battle Deck THE UNIT LIMIT!? | Clash Royale | Insane Swarm Strategy - Battle Deck THE UNIT LIMIT!? | Clash Royale | Insane Swarm Strategy - Battle Deck Video Information/Transcript: Another classic video in today with me taking a look at a magical chest that just got vodka me taking a look at a swarm tactic in this video you guys please stay tuned so guys welcome to the video and today I got to replace for you showcasing you this really nice warm tactic and guys if you didnt know how rare it is to get a magical check will let you say that is 1 out of 100 chances to get the magical chest and guys that by bike cost 600 gems the guys in the first replay were meeting a guy called to Opie for you very nice and she didnt even send a bunch of goblins our way but we can a fireball that if for some reason it is justifiable us back without taking any of our troops and just taking out our tower to know his powers going to get 1541 HP and are going to be at 1968 following that up we are going to put down a dragon and some skeletons I do decide to that his minions unfortunately for us or is that is quite a low level so soccer one shot that mini horse right away so Chargers I just finished taking my dragons herejust going to slap you right in the face but no worries guys at were just going to chill at the bank is only 3 cost light source which means that we just put a bunch of units in the way too distracted hog rider and the archer from taking down our power what power and yes that hog rider is just going to smash and dash art hour all the way to 500 or 370hp with that fireball included three guys working a little extra recess and guys trust me it gives way crazier than this industry place I mean like later on you will see the craziness that happened to guide our double dragons are just going to stay in his face. To take out a Tesla tower and their skeletons behind those dragons are just going to make sure that they distract does Archers from taking out our towers or how are a dragon I just get a free passage to stab his base to death you guys are goblins are also going to tag is a crown tower and theyre going to bring that bad boy all the way down to 2832 HP I got here we go 1 minute left the room to put down to go to the farmers he didnt take out our hog riders will look we trust that gives us more space that place diner skeleton spawner so I was going to put down a dragon with our skeleton and for some reason he decides to adjust fireball a dragon out of nowhere Im not going to do nothing were just going to have a free pass its just a tank down to Discount Tire of all the way to a lower HP level three guys hear youre working out 3 exoskeletons phone is down being of a bit excited those are just going to take out order not going to take her anything theyre just going to record a bunch of skeletons and yes so far does a pretty insane but guys look how longer lifetime is this mean that we can just overlap the hell out of Wisconsin spawners What about the army we can have a supermarket warm and like I told me dog is fireball the guys look at this one look at how many thousands are being voluntarily get how many are you taking his car down there is one in pain new place that Ive never seen before I mean to look at that they didnt look anything like what the hell does at least 50 troop

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and that fireball is gonna take his crown tower down to three hundred and twenty nine one hp

Nathanyel Calero

"So guys.."

Lilla Luarca

a–?a–?a–? a–?a–?a–?THANKS for trying to help but I got so much gems from here <3a–?a–?a–? a–?a–?a–? "UNIT CAP!?" | Clash Royale | Insane Swarm Strategy - Battle Deck - YouTube

trent schulz

Lmao 3 hundred 29 and 1 hp

Ricky Zheng

Its not random! There is a cycle.

Sonny Jim

Whats the intro song called? I looked on ncs and could not find it :(

Alejandro Esquivel

Hahaha that first clip swarm made me laugh so hard! Good job :) i love your vids you deserve more subscribers! Please reply that would make my whole month :)

Manpreet Singh

using arrows would be so satisfying.

Alpha X

ITS NOT RANDOM!!!! It follows a certain Chest cycle...

Tyler Bigler

Lol I tried it and got 3 starred within 45 seconds

Hayden Hayden

Arent the chests given in an order not a chance per chest?

Derp Yang

why do you place tombstones behind the crown tower?


U should do live battles

Jason Ice fire

nice video dude i love your channel keep up with the videos

Legion Z

Imperial sick new intro keep up the good work