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Ultimate strategy! | | witch madness battle deck

Ultimate Strategy | Clash Royale | Battle Deck | Mass Witch | As always thanks for watching! And remember to share this video with your grandfather :) Btw huge fan of GAMINGwithMOLT, Chief Pat, Godson, EndingGamertag and QuickbabyTV so go visit them also! My Main Youtube Channel: My Twitter Account: My Google Account: Stewartlll/posts: Where I Get My Music From: About Me: I like to watch youtube videos so one day I decided to make youtube videos... Video Information/Transcript: Weather welcome back to another country of video and the date we can be taking a look at all major deck so if you guys want to see the absolute madness and please stay tuned so guys what I got for you guys two days get me to stick replay the showcasing uses all mage deck and let me tell you something having two or three witches behind the giant is just really insane and during one of these replace I didnt I didnt get to a moment with us it was possible so is really sick so I got this job the game were going fishing guy called underdog hes in the bean in Chinese class and by the way happy Chinese New Year just in case you are Asian and the guy he does have 120 trophies less than us so that should be a fairly easy when we didnt bases game office artistic the guys were going to go and put a witch behind are a giant book for some reason our opponent does decide to put down a bunch of arrows on top of a witch and giant which base we do not think hes going to drop a bunch of minions on top of our wizard but nope I was just in a wreck those meetings with that one had splash damage attack the guys are giants just going to go to him and same with our wizard and were just going to even take down that power until 4i towers are face one time and one zero he doesnt put down a bunch of panic goblins but our skeleton spawner will absorb some of that really small damage so Im going to go ahead and let my Alexia we said just in case his guy does decide to do anything cheeky and as you can see we have 7 Alexa and our guy has four legs are so that basically means that we are beating the guy in efficiency as we do have a tower down around I have more lecture then Im sorry hun go ahead and drop by giant in the back or can I go ahead and get ready for another major pushed Im going to go ahead and put down a wizard right behind my giant we should take care of anything he decides to throw at my giant that you can see we have a pretty strong offense going into the attack and he only has 3 legs hurt and his skeleton spawner Melanie frost are wizards log on to those goblins any take to go before anything happens for a wizard but yet he is going to arrow our stuff which means that are wizards just going to get right and so far I guess were just going to let our elected reset so Im going to go and put down or which of the back of the mouth and I must going to put on the 2nd which guy is this is when it starts to get really in pain free most going to put down a giant right in front of those which is just to make sure that any damage that he goes it is for gas tank by that beast where do the tractor data baby dragon by playing on the childrens father of her own on his side of the map he does decide to arrow hour of skeletons what up nothing to worry about are we could easily regenerate in God for good that we just put down another which holy crap we just had three witches on the field and the other words to survive we wouldve had forwarded that ones down on the field which is kind of insane that is something you dont see everyday but unfortunately for us are witches are just going to slowly get wrecked by a bunch of your girlfriends which isnt really the best way to go now. FX live guys 10 seconds left he is not going to get down our tower at all theres just no way in hell thats going to happen hes going to put on the penny great but nothing to worry about guys and we just got a sick

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Noah Skater

I like your other intro


Switch elixir pump with skeleton trap and try to get a lot of elixir pumps until x2 elixir

Orlando Allen

his tower was on 420

Angelo Echemane

dude your vedio keep saying ultimate deck most on your vedio but i think its only the mirror

Charlie Petrovich

A swordsman really lol

Nikita Susin

love this channel

Clash of Clans - JuDo SloTh

Nice video, great commentary - keep up the good work buddy. Subbed.



Clay Lichtenwalter

13th lien the streak is alive and I'm unlucky

Jesse Hernandez

More clash royale now

Lyrical Miracle

what do you record with and how do you get the video information/transcript if you dont mind me asking? and could you maybe do a video about how to get this video in the U.S., ive been watching your videos and this game looks really cool.

Jason Kim

Click bait lol

Jason Ice fire

This was so awesome dude I love your YouTube videos :)Keep up the good work

Jesse Hernandez

Nice video

Legion Z

Well done! Like the intro!