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Top 5 locations for con 2016 | of clans

This is Wicked Gamings Wishlist of locations of where Clashcon 2016 should be held this year. Check it out and also write your wishlist in the description. ---------------------------------------------------- Chat to me by downloading Bindle on this link: and search for #Wickedarmy and request to join my chat room along with X-Loyal Members. Im so excited to be able to find another awesome way to connect with you guys! ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­---------------------------------­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-------- Connect With Me: Twitch: 2nd Channel: Click Here To Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: E-Mail: Bindle: (#Wickedarmy) Music Credentials: ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­------------------------ Production music by:

Comments (20)

ZekeRDoodle T

Btw, Houston Texas. Because... It's cheap, has some nice places to hold tournaments and, you can enjoy some nice Texan food. :D

Raj_Great !!

India ,

ZekeRDoodle T

Amazing video! Just, if you wouldn't mind turning down the music a bit for the next vid, that'd be great :) Thanks for the great content

The Wonderous Plays Plays

They already have a Vegas tournament there. I want San Francisco I live 2 hrs away

Ben Smallman


Austin Wan Gaming

first and only place to hold clashcon is Miami Florida

Musik and More

1. Vienna -> Quite a large city and extremely central of Europe 2. London3. Miami4. Anywhere in the U.S.5. Paris

Ali Khan

Come to dubai

Elijah Martinez


?Є??? H??C?

U will take a part in clashcon?? If not then plzz take part... Cuz u are a good coc player

Gregory Chundoo

Mars would be amazing !

Vlad Nicolaescu

Spain -> Ok.UK -> Too crowded too expensive.Japan -> too far away.USA -> Too far way.Las Vegas is way to expensive.

Nathan Shover

agree with all those places... #clashcon2016

Alessandro Midei


the Pudo