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Top 5 excuses people say when they lose in!

Clash Royale gameplay from Eclihpse! Here is a list of my top 5 excuses that people say when they lose in Clash Royale! If you enjoyed the video please drop a like (it only takes 1.7 seconds) and leave a comment with some feedback! Subscribe for the BEST Clash Videos! :D Click to Subscribe!: >< Keep up and follow my social media! > Twitter:< View my Playlists! I have playlists for each base type, commentaries, and anything else related to my channel! >< -------------------------------------------------------- Intro Song: Jetta - Id Love to Change the World (Matstubs Remix)

Comments (20)

lars Mertens

and he had the perfect counter?

Prankster Gangster



Wtf is wrong with playing in the morning??? Like "Hey sorry i just woke up after several hours of sleeping, so you beat me because of my lack of sleep."WTF!!

Chang Lee Ping

i dot talk to my clan

kungfu quack

I like this new overlay.

Callum Carlisle

I can imagine u being like leafyishere

pierre eriyanto

I faught a guy witha lava hound but i defeated him/her pretty easyly

Prankster Gangster

Sometimes my connection doesn't work wile i am playing a game

Virginia Hines

He y use this blue thing

???? ??????

blue better

Jeff Pang

use it

imran baig

its great

Ala Zhang

Number 5 : lag that 68% is laggy because different county their electricity is shut down then we don't have a internet connection


Why does everybody use that song in their intro?

RyaniscoolPlayzGamez 670

Don't you hate when a lvl 8 is on arena 3 with hog rider and freeze spell and they just troll u