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Skeletons after patch! | | witch skeleton - battle deck

CAN WE GET 10 LIKES? ---- DESCRIPTION Skeletons after patch | Witch and skeleton battle deck | Clash Royale | As always thanks for watching! And remember to share this video with your grandfather :) Btw huge fan of GAMINGwithMOLT, Chief Pat, Godson, EndingGamertag and QuickbabyTV so go visit them also! My Main Youtube Channel: My Twitter Account: My Google Account: Stewartlll/posts: Where I Get My Music From: About Me: I like to watch youtube videos so one day I decided to make youtube videos... -------- SKELETONS AFTER PATCH! | Clash Royale | Witch Skeleton - Battle Deck SKELETONS AFTER PATCH! | Clash Royale | Witch Skeleton - Battle Deck SKELETONS AFTER PATCH! | Clash Royale | Witch Skeleton - Battle Deck Video Information/Transcript: Video and today we can be taking a look at insane which deck with the new book skeleton army and skeletons which comes with the witch if you guys want to see this newly updated videos and please stay tuned So guys in this video today were going to be taking a look at to replace Valley go after playing the deck for quite a bit too in this first replay we can be facing a guy called March 10th a man that is quite a weird name and by the way years of 06 the real Health and our Archer towers damage the guys to start the replay I can I put down my baby dragon it because its such a good unit i doing oh oh damn it magically is just going to splash away on the Barbarian is going to mow down really shortly and luckily for us our opponent does have a level for wizard which means that are r5 or exactly going to be a high enough level 51 trailers wizard so that is going to be a good trade offer right there at the beginning of the game were going to come on top or actually going to do 1200 or eleven hundred and 20 HP to the guys house and yes it is going to be a basic ritmo down halfway and its only been about 1 minute and to the replay salsa and his dad we are going to have the electric pump just because its such a good unit and terms of coming out on top of your opponent if youre able to play down right as in the end you will get more likes her then your opponent so you guys he does lightning spell our first electric pump but sadly enough are mirrored Alexr pump is that going to be a high level then our regular electric pump it because my mirror is level 3 would you even say me hi we got hes going to send a hog we are going to put on a Canon printer to try to distract the fog but that did not work so instead were just going to put down a baby dragon and in which an attitude we just enough to going to take out that hog rider also two guys with his deck as you can see when the newly bus skeletons are paired with the which they can just go to her mothers house and there are you guys we are going to get the very first crown or in the very first hour in this replay we are going to put down another stack of skeleton run to put on a second which kind of force which and got that you can see if you just giving up his back is deathly not prepared for this have a deck and he is going to get erect super elite so we just replace your face you the power of the state and opportunities you can have one facing opponents you dont have the right unit like the arrows and Zapp with your just so good at counting the new about skeletons some other way and this update which came out I believe when Skeletons are taking damage from small units like the Goblin that she take two hits now but if you are wondering about the gaps in the arrows skeletons are still only 171 arrow to go down if that makes any sense the second opponent were going to be that guy called make a stash that is quite a unique name hes going to be in a clan call Doug nice can see you does have 43 trophies more than me but that is nothing to worry about as were the same level as you can see we do have a higher level electric pump in this guy which is always

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why are you only level 7 but in arena 6? im level 7 in arena 5?

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is it possible to buy mirror from the store when your in arena 5

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