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Secret to best time of day to play -

I have researched the best time of day to play Clash Royale. Lets break it down and definitely not offensive. Link to my other clash royale guide / strategy videos: Top 5 cheats / strategies: Top 3 strategies: GamingWithMolt Highlights: Thanks for ImACanuck for the insight into this video

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Lion Peach

autism ...

Chong Wong

Haha your style is funny

Andrew Ng

er..... Hong Kong people here, hi! RIP

Mark Christopher M

why are the 'hong kong peeps' so 'crazy good at this game', or 'insider knowledge'? haha, it's because most likely they Xmod...which lets them see your troops...see your elixer...and see troop attack range...basically seeing in real time, what we see in replays. So yeah...'inside knowledge'. Also...Xmodding allows them to auto-open chests, so they can level up quickly with 'max' troops...I'm a lv9, and get rocked by Chinese lv7's with princess seige decks. Chinese are good at anything behind a computer because it can be hacked...but put 11 of them behind a soccer ball and they can't even make it to the World Cup, HAHAHA

Elouise Needels

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Gus Nickolson

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Haha! I've noticed this aswell


I work the night shift so I gotta play those freaking Hong Kong people all the time

Griffxn Plays

tbh i wish i had as much energy as this guys

Dieno Might


Cesar Gutierrez

Canadians so nice they let you win


I love his"This is VAN MAN XXXXXXX"

Cameron Thierauf (Twisted)

Another great video mate u give some great tips, hope u keep playing, have a great day!


lmao @ In&OutBurger4LYF


awesome video! liked + subbed!