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Rage spell! lets play: episode 19

In this episode of my lets play series I try out my new Rage Spell! Check out my lets play! Music by: Meizong ( Follow me on Twitter! @RoyaleRusher

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Email me about some business stuff man:)

Cosmo Volt

Nice video I've rage so good

BobbyJoe Gaming

good use of the rage spell

Y Swag

Hi guys

Zeyad Katta

I wish I had the rage spell :(

Zeyad Katta

Hope you feel better ;)

CH9 Gaming

I'm uploading a video about my Giant Skeleton strategy tomorrow if you want to check it out. It works really well


Giant skeleton works really well with the bomber. I tried a deck with this once and went 3-1. Usually the bomber just takes out whatever they place to counter the giant skeleton. The good counters however are the minion's and minion horde, and arrows, and fireball. You should try this deck out, keep it up and gratz on 100 :)

Andrew Adams

Best idea ever. You do a barb hut, and while 2 barbs come along, you put 4 more down, and you have 6 barbs, then rage them. 6 enraged barbs.

Zeyad Katta

Why not make an all ????? Series


Raged Prince is dirty when you use it

Clash with Ben | Clash royale | Minecraft

Lol royale rusher I pulled the rage in a free chest and in a vid too:)

Clash Royale Replay

Nice video! Thank you for idea and review RAGE spell !! :D

CH9 Gaming

Also balloon and rage work really well

Ang Gamerstv

Looking awesome