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New strategy :: :: rush the enemy!

Clash Royale Gameplay! Time for more High Level Clash Royal footage! Today we rush the enemy in Clash Royale! Clash on! TWITTER: VLOGS- IM STREAMING: GET ASTRO: Subscribe to MOLTPLAYS:: WANT SOME GUNNARS!!

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Lewis Sharples


Jayden Bosque

thats how the game goes deal with it molt. telling people they cant play just because your jealous they won

TD ii ToXiC ToM

??? ?? ??? ??? ????? ??????

Soinsoinking Yo

Don't you have a deck for lvl 7 in pekka playhouse?!

Ahmad Jabaren

Most of people doing #ComplainingWithMOLT are those noobs who are actually using the mortar/rocket strategy and got butthurt from his video

Spencer Goldrich





It takes a lot of skill to manage defence and save elixir for the rocket

Max antoine Doyon

hey molt i use a strategy where i put my goblems behind my tower and then the guys like ok i dont care ut my pekka in front at the last second to make a push and hes like surprised and put a troop to count i freeze the troop that he did out of the element of surprise i frezze and i destroy the tower completly i suggest for a futur a video where u feature the strategy other than that ur awsome peace out

kainedoell lacson

Xbow Is Not Cheap And Easy You Still Gotta Know How To Defend A Xbow Or Where To Place Them Just Think CareFully

Connor Dungan

Why do you make the screen so small? Not to be rude I am just wondering cause I have poor iSight and can't see it that well, but I like your vids

bodman 12345

gaming with salt

Act of War Clan

I like your videos, Molt but you and many people need to learn that using rockets is a strategy in the game. Same with the show and the mortar. If supercell didn't want you using them, they wouldn't be in the game. There is always a counter to xbows and mortars. If these types of cards are beating you, then why not try them. I hate when people say it's not a real/regular strategy. It's a strategy in the game that's been successful. If you lose to 'em, join 'em.

seameorecsam eap

For me Xbow and mortars is fine because the players needs strategy unless you can counter it easily. However, usage of rockets isn't really strategical.

Abraham King

We got witch EASILY in Clash Royale.. :D