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Insane gamingwithmolt v.s. chief pat replay!!! live attacks! - lets play

> INSANE GAMINGwithMOLT V.S. CHIEF PAT REPLAY!!! Live Attacks! - Lets Play Clash Royale ------------------- ALWAYS READ THE DESCRIPTION -------------------- > Hey there! Welcome back to the channel. Today Im showing you some of my replays and one of them was insane! i had 1 second left to take down his tower! Im also doing a live with but I almost lost because i didnt had the best deck. Havent you download ed this game yet? watch the trailer and you will!!! What should I do next? play with some strategy next time? or a funny moments video again? Let me know! Thanks for watching :) > Clash Royale Part 1: > Clash Royale Part 3: >MLG Clash of Clans: ------------------------------------- My Channel ------------------------------------- > Subscribe if you want to stay Up-To-Date to our latest videos! New videos coming every week! ? > Leave a Like if you enjoyed the video! ------------------------------------ Donate Now! ------------------------------------- > Help our Channel survive! Donate Now and get a Shoutout! > Donate what you like by clicking this Link: ? > Every donation a Shoutout on our youtube channel, to help your channel (or whatever) grow! ? If you want to get a shoutout for your youtube channel: Donate ($0,50 or more...) send me The Channel Link! > Thanks already, every donation helps a lot! ------------------------------------- The Sponsor ------------------------------------ > Check out PlaystationCustoms for the best Playstation 3, 4 and Vita Console Skins, Controller Skins, Custom Light bar Stickers, Games and much more! #PlaystationCustoms ? ------------------------------------- Social Media ------------------------------------ > Like our Facebook page: ? > Follow us on twitter: ? > Watch our Twitch Livestream: ? > Mail for business stuff! ? ---------------------------------- The Community ---------------------------------- > Friends: • Paradox • Kickb3ats (Dane) • Ontourus (Ben) • Finn The Shadow (Vincent) • Zephyr0 (Dion D.) • Void Walker (Bjorn) • Lemmisee (Dion V.) > Do you want to work with us? Or maybe Collaborate? Message us! ------------------------------------------ Music ------------------------------------------ > Thank you Future House Music for the music. > Intro/Outro song: ? Another song: ------------------------------- Thanks 4 Watching! ------------------------------- > Leave a Like if you enjoyed the video! > Please ignore spam or hateful comments! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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At this point, how long have you been playing for because I got to Barbarian bowl in 6 days and I'm solid with the game

Ethan Carrillo

i know I am sorry I didn't know nice vidio

Ethan Carrillo

thats not chief pat becuase i watch chief pat play clash royale and chiefs name is chief pat 2 not just chief pat and inplus chief pat isnt that far yet


heuy dat shirt komt me nog bekend voor :p

Fvdaa gaming

nice video hoe neem jij je telefoon op??