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How to win easily! | | double prince strategy - battle deck

CAN WE GET 10 LIKES? ---- DESCRIPTION How to win easily | Double prince strategy | Battle Deck | Clash Royale | As always thanks for watching! And remember to share this video with your grandfather :) Btw huge fan of GAMINGwithMOLT, Chief Pat, Godson, EndingGamertag and QuickbabyTV so go visit them also! My Main Youtube Channel: My Twitter Account: My Google Account: Stewartlll/posts: Where I Get My Music From: About Me: I like to watch youtube videos so one day I decided to make youtube videos... -------- HOW TO WIN EASILY! | Clash Royale | Double Prince Strategy - Battle Deck HOW TO WIN EASILY! | Clash Royale | Double Prince Strategy - Battle Deck HOW TO WIN EASILY! | Clash Royale | Double Prince Strategy - Battle Deck Video Information/Transcript: You beautiful Bruce and today I just got the magical chest from doing a casual games free all that is super lucky and also guys this video is going to be dedicated to work a double Prince Joshy the guys please stay tuned so guys in this video working me taking a look at two games that I got one destroying with the Prince and she dies in already noticed I did change my background template for my videos and guys just like I promise to each and every single video that I make Ill be cycling through a bunch of templates to make my videos and much more interesting you guys in this replay with me seeing a guy called Sarah from the Kline of Toronto I believe this is the first time I face the guy in this clan and I must be going really quickly so sorry the game boring I put down our Prince of wizard and a bunch of a fatty million for study goblins Im just going to take out those barbarians really quickly present for an hour is not shut down my pants and how we going to head to the Giants while were going to put down a bunch of having some goblins. I got to get their name right and theyre just going to quickly damage that a giant all the way down to the low hp for guys as you can tell the Giants are so much damage and he is brutally beaten up by power all the way to 1030 3h be with me in that face we have all the guys too many cylinders replace how are we going to get the other printers all the way to his face as basic going to be our main goal for the day you guys bringing me max out an elector I dont really want to put them back in just yet just because I know he can easily take it down so basically what Im trying to do in this video it I want it basically I take out in the attacking troops and then I want to push him with a stronger offense if that makes any sense but hes and be lazy and put on a skeleton spawner which beach we give me a free passage to his right side of the base which is why Im going to drop that Im presently down to that side of the base forgot he just put down his in front power but let me tell you something the princess actually a great counter 2004 and power as recently as least I think it was 2 days ago since the power loss 7% of 8 hp with me here which means that fast moving in its like a prince can just have it and take it down to breathe breathe at all souls and Terrence Howard anyone saw that I missed out which is also another crazy unit with a half and then sexy guys are basically hes going to be beating us right now so youre probably wondering, get him to beat this guy and basically it so far in this replay Ive tried everything and I havent been able to do damage to his face was just you wait for SS or going to drop down true princess lets go to prices are really ok they can just feel it take out a different power just going to charge power just going to drop down as Prince by other princess just going to give me that right by his barbarian but guys are really question about just took on his farm. And his wizard story you cant read it right there plus 25 seconds about how are we going to beat this guy just how are you going to do it over support our prese

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intro copied from faze rain... goblins called stabby troops and the Rockey called missile this channel is shit


how many times does this nerd say easily?

Team Ninja

Hey, nice video ! What's the intro song?


Outro Song?

Cedric pollefeys

any ideas to win against a level 7 as a level 5

Cedric pollefeys

sub :)

Maddy :x

Why so many dislikes!?

Maddy :x

Awesome! subbed


nice video but your commentary needs work.

Clash of Clans - JuDo SloTh

Still haven't got the prince but he certainly looks awesome!

Kethis - Gaming

Man, love your videos!

Marcus Storm

Thanks for featuring me:) keep up the work


Dude... You deserve so many more subs. That last one was so clutch!

Jesse Hernandez

You should play clash of clans


That rocket came in handy!