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How to win easily! | | double goblin barrel - battle deck

CAN WE GET 10 LIKES? ---- DESCRIPTION How to win easily | Double goblin barrel | Battle deck | Clash Royale | As always thanks for watching! And remember to share this video with your grandfather :) Btw huge fan of GAMINGwithMOLT, Chief Pat, Godson, EndingGamertag and QuickbabyTV so go visit them also! My Main Youtube Channel: My Twitter Account: My Google Account: Stewartlll/posts: Where I Get My Music From: About Me: I like to watch youtube videos so one day I decided to make youtube videos... -------- HOW TO WIN EASILY! | Clash Royale | Double Goblin Barrel - Battle Deck HOW TO WIN EASILY! | Clash Royale | Double Goblin Barrel - Battle Deck HOW TO WIN EASILY! | Clash Royale | Double Goblin Barrel - Battle Deck Video Information/Transcript: Sup its imperial and welcome back to another classroom video in today with me taking a look at a bunch of checks and that I did just opened up and I can see I am unboxing a magical chest which I got just friend playing a regular game and we didnt get a good amount of 552 gold were going to get 42 stacks of nice which is just really amazing just because its such a good unit were going to get 9 rocket they were also going to get 3 at the mirror cards guys that is really insane because usually you only get 2 epic card from the magical chest the guys at the video results can be dedicated to wards a goblin barrel deck which means that basically in this thang the main source of damage is going to be the golden barrel and I can see and average cost Lexar 4.3 which means its quite expensive so you guys are you want to see his dick them please stay tuned so guys welcome to the video and today were taking a look at 2 secret place that I got about 30 minutes ago one of them is the NBA 2 star I want them to be at 3 * so I hope you guys enjoyed this delicious gameplay sur guys for the first replay were meeting a guy who is in a Chinese class and Im not even going to bother to pronounce his name just because theyre going to cause a bunch of tongue twisters so guarded by the way it before we get into the replay I am going to be creating a plan and about 2 days is good Inside the class then just message me down below in the Commons and Ill tell you when the clan will be opening up and where to go to find it so I got hit me up put down his wizard and hes going to put on his infernal tower and they really are in front tire just going to melt as hog but he just put down and her Tesla tower behind our current hour is that you can go down from his fireball but luckily the wizard that we put down to go to make sure How much damage to our tower the guys in this thang your goblin barrel is basically your main source of damage so you want to keep them alive for as long as you can we just white in this bag is packed a free phone and look how we just please enter Facebook we just kind of his tower from take me out and goblins real so kind of his minions from taking out of goblins and I was just Your face is just because that was a pretty dirty play by ice land on a bunch of barbs on the field but really what does the new nurse at the barbershop got their HP is just going to get mounted by hour of our electric motor vehicle at our table tower is there we go together as you can see also my Canon is level eight and that bad boy cost 2000 gold to upgrade this from 07 all the way to 8 so it is kind of my best back in the game is my first upgrade does ever cost 2000 gold and so far it is totally worth it is because it feels like the Canon before it was nerve from six flags are the three Luxor you guys as you can see you willing to put down the heavy double minions are not double meanings lol Goblin and theres going to be easy clean up his base and the object going to take it up before was Wizard can do anything so I believe that I was kind of a good trade business put on his hog rider but man with all these defenses dow

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Federick Ararao

How to get Magical Chest?

Deltagames Delta

Can I join the clan

Deltagames Delta

Can I join the clan

mikhoss mabee

I want to be in clan


i wanna be in the clan


Wow! let's make a clan

Jesse Hernandez

Imperial gaming I can't join the clan because I don't have that game I do but I have to update it on vshare but it does not work sorry I will join when the game comes out at march


Imperial Gaming

Guys fight back against the dislike bot! :)


Jesse Hernandez

Imperial gaming are you done looking at cloud raiders videos tell me if you like it can you make a video out of it

Just A Random Cow. [Adam Soliman]


Bob Dylan

This guy actually needs more subscribers. This time I mean it. Good thumbnails, intros, audio, keep up the good work! ;)

Jesse Hernandez

I'll fell like crying because I can't join the clan and the dislikes like don't dislike who ever dislike they suck at this game or they don't have that game there so mean hey imperial gaming are you going to do cloud raiders it's a fun game

Jesse Hernandez

Nice video keep it up