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Attention! Clash Royale free gems and money codes - read more.

How to get gold and cards -

I explain how to get gold, cards, and even some experience in Clash Royale. Spoiler...join or start a clan!

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bryan tapley

Heyyyy bro-ski so guess what my legal name is now bryan salzano-tapley i got married on Feb 11 so thats a thing i do wish that u and travis could have been there so also i leave for the army on Feb 22 and i will go through 10 weeks of basic training and i will then have 26 weeks of training for the job i chose wich is nodal network systems operator-maintainer i will be back on november 14 so hopefully at that time i can talk to u or even sooner if u want to talk call

David Contreras

I'm not a big fan of clash royal but I find this very very interesting

LennyTEC The Emarld Collecter




Jai Graal

Oh haay

mysticblaz e

thsi game looks gay

Shaun Williams

this guy's voice is so soothing


what is your current deck?