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He has to be cheating! - - too much elixir!

Clash Royale battle that I seriously thought the dude was cheating! Plus my friend attacks in Clash Royale at the end! Click here for Free Gems! - Instagram - Twitter - Download Kamcord Here! - Free Gem Guide - Appbounty Free Gems! - Intro Song - Alan Walker- Spectre Outro song - Sorry by Dee Dot Jones  Music by Dee Dot Jones - Contact Email -

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that was an easy win pfffft

epfrules Gaming Channel

he was cheating if you watch deskter had a 2 second advantage without the elixir pump, with it he's too OP wite takes 3 secs to get elixir without deskters pump it takes 2 seconds.

TemMihayl 47

Super magical chest tipIf you get 17x EpicsGuaranteed Legendary

Dhruv Shandilya

He looks like Draxler and cam looks like De Gea

Lord Karnage BB

that was an xmod user. he dropped a golem, pekka and a mirrored pekka all in the matter of a couple seconds.


Hes not cheating its just that ur noob

Andrew Bueno

lmao funny vid! lol not much channels which u see this much cussing! lol well at least i dont see vids wit this much cussing! haha lmao


whats the background music until 4 minutes

Chris Kusuma

Theres a golem three musk strat and the elixir fits


whats the 1st song in the ved

Jason Hong


Official Smash

CQOTD: What was your favourite show as a kid? Mine was Dragon Ball Z.

B&M Gaming

There are cheaters cause I just lost to a guy who deployed a Peka and 2 seconds later he mirrored it

Broz Gaming



It's called saving elxir smh kys