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Feb 13, 2016: im streaming an ios game because screw you thats why ()

This Video is a VoD (Video on Demand) of a TotalBiscuit stream ( Clash_Royale in chat wasnt actually a Chat Royale dev! (thanks oz2973) Subscribers are free to reupload my streams for people to watch free as long as they dont monetize them and properly describe what they are. ( Find Totalbiscuit here: My Twitter: Banner and Avatar made by Versiris Disclaimer: Im not TotalBiscuit. This quality of this video does not represent the quality of the videos on the Cynical Brit YouTube channel. This video has been uploaded with the permission of TotalBiscuit, as long as the video is not monetized, If you do see an Ad that is because a song got Content Id matched and the revenue of this ad goes the a 3rd party. The Information in this Video might be wrong or outdated. This video might contain strong language. The views and opinions expressed in this video are those of the persons appearing in this video and do not necessarily reflect my views and opinions.

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It's sad that TB takes the situation like that. If he's so sure to be right, and there can be very strong arguments that he is right, why react like this? If you know that you're in the right and the others booing your are a bunch of arses, why not acting in a more clever way than them? Why go down their level? Why punish the vast majority of people who like the videos that won't be shown from no on? Why put all your viewers in the same bag?If nothing else, the thing that got me the most disapointed is that I'm apparently also a retard. According to TB, all his viewers (his words) "can't handle how he acts", so I'm also bundled up with that lot apparently. That is not a healthy relationship between a broadcaster and his audience. The trustworthy, understanding part of his audience, the part that can bear with him even in his worst days, and like what he does even when he's not at his best. But apparently we are forgotten and all bundled up with a bunch of morons.I'm not sure how to appreciate that.Quel gachis.


this was suprisingly fun to watchhope you do more of this game :D

Jim Rello

pls dont let comments dictate how and who you play with. what are friends for any way if you cant play games with them?ps neet game

Ламята Спаска

Its probably inspired from castle fight (back in the day when was played in WC3)


Guys, don't dislike this video because you dislike what TB is saying. Like this video, thanking OP for posting it.

Ramon Rafael Coromina

The most important thing here TB is your peace of mind. If shitty commenters get to you it would be best to turn them off. Whatever keeps you giving us more fascinating content. Love what you do :)

TotalBiscuit Livestreams (Unofficial)

Comments are now turned off, it's too bad that a small minority ruined it for the rest, but some comments were out right mean and hateful and I don't want to deal with that. This isn't TB's decision it's my own.If you really want to discuss this video you can do it here:

GroovinMagicK comments in TotalBiscuit video? Also I was kinda enjoying your vids about Overwatch, hope it gets a second chance to get a regular series like Hearthstone.


Looks like a multiplayer-only game?

Xuan Tian Shang Ti

Hell yes to what TB said about Autism and Aspergers guys needing to be told when they go over a limit. On of my high school class mates never got told that when he was young and Sonoma he's to old for most of it to stick.

Brandon Flagg

dunno about anyone else but having tb shoutcast anything makes me smile :) miss his sc2 content for sure


In reply to the main thread as to whether or not comments should remain, I'd prefer that they did. People are always going to be dicks, but I do like having a browse of the comments in 1-2+ hour videos as often the content will get slow at some point. I don't think everyone should be punished for the vocal minority of dickheads.


The Narcissist's Dilemma: They can dish it out, but can't take it.

Flock Of Moosen

I always find TB's banter entertaining, but not offensive. That Overwatch stream was tame compared to some of the shit said between my friends. People will always find something to be offended about, though.


Ah crap no more Overwatch streams with friends. Time to watch those vids from Jesse and company...