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Epic cards only!: arena 6 gameplay

In this video I try out an all epic deck as suggested by Clash with Ben! Check out my lets play! Music by: Meizong ( Follow me on Twitter! @RoyaleRusher

Comments (20)

Toxic_ GamingHD

That was me who had the mirror card vid

Imperial Gaming

dude thanks alot for that shoutout it means alot, ill make sure to call you out when I get the chance :)


Nice video man! I recently have been getting a lot of epics! Keep it up


I love that you don't have to wait 20 minutes to train your troops! ??

Casper Kerckhoff

What editing program do you use?


They should add a 2 elixir epic card. It would do great in these all epic decks.

Clash With Ry

How do u make the photo of ur vid and when ur next vid?

Clash With Ry

Royale Rush how u make background i wan to make one for me channel

The Masked Clasher

Great video!!


Very nice video man!

Clash With Ry

Rusher if you dont mind can i have a shoutout to get my channel going up fast bro? plz luv ur vids

The Masked Clasher

Would you mind if i make a profile picture for you? and how do you put the background of the hog in the video? Subscribed!!

BobbyJoe Gaming

GR8 You reached arena 6! :D

Brian Fu

Love your vid!

Nicaragua Gaming

Nice vid bro??