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Attention! Clash Royale free gems and money codes - read more.

Download (android any country)

Link here: Have a nice day :-) Dont forget to like and subscribe and comment down below for some video suggestions If you have iOS and Android like me here is the download video for iOS: Message to supercell: I dont get why you soft launch apps no matter what you do I will find a way to exploit it and i will make sure everything you do will be as useless as your personal break times in clash -Steven Zz

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Giovanni tuki Esparza

i love this guy omg

Jonathan Rivas


Scott Stent

I'm in uk

Gamer for life 101

you earned a sub

Zark Visionz

I saw it now but idk what the app looks like

Vinayak Gaud

update is available

Zark Visionz

thx dude

Zark Visionz

you can't update it

Zark Visionz

thx dude

Dylan Kennedy

how we get the update now?

Zark Visionz

how do u update it

Vinayak Gaud

how to get updated version

Zark Visionz

there a whole bunch of stuff when u type aptoide

kevin smith

how do we update? 1.2 came out and xyz still has 1.1.2 download..

Dakota Karwoski

how do I update the game