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Cleverbot evie chooses my battle deck in

I decided to let Cleverbot Evie from choose my battle deck will she pick a winning deck or will she screw me over?? ----------------------------------------------- Chat to me by downloading Bindle on this link: and search for #Wickedarmy and request to join my chat room along with X-Loyal Members. Im so excited to be able to find another awesome way to connect with you guys! ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­---------------------------------­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-------- Connect With Me: Twitch: 2nd Channel: Click Here To Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: E-Mail: Bindle: (#Wickedarmy) Music Credentials: ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­------------------------ Production music by:

Comments (20)


That was slightly creepy and very funny lol

Elijah Lim

I like the content you are doing keep it up!

teodor juko hiiemaa

Nice battle! Keep up the good work and clash on! :)

Mr. lol

Dude! Stuff lile this makes me happy! New and original video! Great job wicked

MC Addict

Nice job Wicked, very creative

TheDan Channel

A: Valkyries and prince combo with swet chilli sauce on top! Yum

MC Addict

QT: Lol, I cant cook. Does Mac and Cheese count?

Rhenukia:3 aka xXMinecraftZockerXx

Qt: umm... ... I can order pizza!


Spring rolls

Devin Garner

Qt Ramen noodles

henry c

QT: Pasta and Tuna ??

Andrew Perez

What is your clan name and what's your trophy requirement

jose alonso vasquez (byPrAxX)

Lol... Great idea man already at top 160 in the world congrats


QT Boiled Eggs

Ouriel Tangy

QT: mac n' cheese