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Clash update / balance changes ¦ lifes a witch ¦

Clash Royale - get ready for the NEW game from Supercell with some Clash Royale strategy - be ready to battle Royale head to head in real time in Clash Royale SOON! Check out the BRAND NEW game, Clash Royale, as it pits players head-to-head in a NEW game with familiar faces from Clash of Clans! FREE Gems in Clash Royale and Clash of Clans: 1. Go to in Safari on your iPad, iPhone or iPod 2. Enter GALADON referral code to get 50 bonus points 3. Try Free apps, earn points and redeem for iTunes ($5 iTunes free) Nothing has changed on YouTube- but you CAN see all of my videos 7 days earlier (and TONS of other content) here: Come watch me STREAM and see exclusive content! Follow for updates! The Angels Among Demons and/or Let There Be Light, “Become A Legend” by Instrumental Core licensed through Really Slow Motion. Licensing documentation on file with YouTube. You can visit them here: Website: YouTube: ------------------------------------------------------ Clash Royale is here! In an exciting real-time format, players battle head-to-head in tower defense (and offense), attempting to take out towers while defending your own! Familiar faces from the Clash universe are here, like Archers, PEKKA, Goblins, Golems, Minions and more - but there are also NEW characters in these cards, including the Prince, Musketeer, Mini Pekka, Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, and the feared GIANT SKELETON! Which cards will you bring in your deck in a battle for Clash Crowns and ultimate supremacy! Check out these other Clash Royale Gameplay videos: Clash Royale YouTuber Tournament: Clash Royale Strategy Series: Clash Royale Shout Cast:

Comments (20)

Jevyn Taton

this update didn't change shit

Edwin Reyes

This is the great thing in clash royale,the way to change the decks,use combos,and having fun its great

Hi Bye

I feel like decks if small cards goblins are strong and hard to nerf

Owentube XD

On the first day it comes out in global I'm playing 24/7

Alexander Repollet

android download clash royale apk or watch my video

Abhay Ranjith

gonna play android global release

Hi Bye

"Fellow fans of Clash of Clans" is so much better than "fellow fans of Clash Royale"


The game is coming to android ,i just found the game on google play store but you can't download it ,it says register and you'll be notified when the game comes out so this means the game is coming sooner than we expected but the weird thing people has already wrote reviews on it when it's not available yet and i can't write a review :/ so weird.

Gaming with David

Congratulations for 1 million subscribers

Munching Mozzarella

Did anyone thought it said 'Life's a bitch'

jason Longhi

Mind the auto in previous message didn't proof read it but bet that's a excuse to to reject wanting to learn members....

jason Longhi

Bride joing 4 lap clans rejected all clans th11 lev 30 King and queen about to hit Titans wanted to Lear from u guys was even invited from CB and still rejected ouch man thought u guts were about progress and not about just rejection wow I gotta say u lost a fan of lip word of mouth is a killer just saying....... F lp they give no one new a chance without know u personally why support a clan who care about only them that's sad being a game as they sat in the end.......

Jeffrey Wheeler

I wish they would change the giant skeleton. Hate how it will take out mini and flying units when it drops a bomb.

jumpy kick

They didn't hold in back from global to help fix it before its launched, they did it because supercell is a piece of shit and are bastards

elijah bryan-bolton

That first attack clip was funny af ?? dude lost so fast