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Clash : smashing level 8s as a f2p level 6 (2200 trophies)

Now in the 2200 trophy range as a F2P level 6, Ill be showing you guys my thought process throughout as I beat some level 8s.

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Fellow level 6 in the 2200 trophy range :)


Great video as always!

Dieu Truong

Have my babies Jono!!

Drew _362

Keep making videos

Emanuel Akerlund

Can I use this without freeze spell? I don't have it. If so, what should I replace it with? (I'm waiting for freeze to pop up in the store I've got 2000coins.)

Tony Cheng

how do you deal with those who direct dmg yr tower and build so many defensive buildings?


Subbed. Great commentary.

Kyle Morris

Found you on reddit, awesome gameplay man :)

Dr. marijuana !

Wow you're doing amazing for a level 6. Keep up the videos man, very helpful. I notice you don't use barbs, why don't you like them? Thanks!

Kethis - Gaming

Nice video! Subbed(:

Limitless KnD

Good video mate keep em coming

Khaldoon Feda

Nice attacks


Love crushing higher levels!