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Clash - shots fired vs bosshogg

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Comments (20)


I will say it again. Dont use x-bows to win.

Arcka mono

I liked you better when you used the xbow :/

Yoh Asakura

i remember molt used an xbow in one of his vids and he said he didnt like it either way since ppl at higher ranks take advantage of their deploy time, especially when its double elixer time



JimmyBrandon CormierDuty

Bro your a lil nerd live with your mom with 2 million cats #molt is beast

JimmyBrandon CormierDuty

You don't know how to use other decks you just throw shit in

Ben Martin

Lolol I run burn deck in Magic the gathering

gijs mulder

USe THE code bjyyosge on appbounty for free gems

riza yaser

and we have a good YouTuber again ! :D phonecats ftw !!


i got 1900 trophies and only 228 wins lol (56 three crowns)

Mr dank Memer

You're a fucking pussy with your Xbow cannon shit

parker campbell

Molt would wreck you 1v1

Hayden Sigurdson

# I agree

Ronny Wallin

Xbow suck duuuuude cmon u dont have to do anythin just let it shoot at the tower dont complain on molt cuz he know how to play with Cards that come to the tower XBOW is just bs. Just take away the XBOW from the game cuz it sucks hard

Simeon Gavalov

can you pleeeaaaassseee please please stop saying manna!!!!!!