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Clash | revisiting the hut swarm splash deck, i love it!

Hey Clashers! Today we revisit the Swarm Splash deck in Clash Royale. I cant get enough of this deck lately so im happy to bring you some more of this deck with the main strategy based around the Barbarian Hut, Goblin Hut, Wizard and Baby Dragon. Enjoy! Subscribe to 3 Star Vault for a HUGE collection of 3 Star Raids uploaded daily in bulk! Like the channel? Consider becoming a Patreon! Check it out here: Special thanks to the following Patreon donors: - Clash with Wick! YouTube - Thanos from SAC Kings Elite - Daddy War Bucks Clan - LundyLife of Goonies Clan - Jo from Paradox Clan - Shane Killingsworth - The Slim Fool - LashShadow - Dimi Tragakis - Rogue from Clanbake - CandiBarr - Weldon- Splintercell Be sure to check out my website! - I update it every week with new content. Dont miss the new 3 Star Academy! Feedback always appreciated - and please share my channel with your clanmates!! Follow me on Twitter for free gem / gift card give a ways, tips, and VIP one-on-one Clash Of Clans Strategy Advice (DM me anytime) @Clash_With_Ash Social Media- Twitter - @Clash_With_Ash Bindle - #clashwithash Website - Tumblr - CoC-ClashWithAsh Instagram - Clash_With_Ash Original Music by : The King Slayer AKA Inertia (Soundcloud) Original Artwork by : fabioottob Any background music by Thastor : Outro Song used with Express Written Consent from Runrig. Clash Of The Ash is the first single from Runrigs thirteenth studio album Everything You See

Comments (20)

Jenny Hooper

Hey Ash, just tried this strategy and worked well. I also think the prince, minion horde and spear goblins is a great attack trio all at once i have had lots of success with. Im thinking now to replace min horde with mini dragon...

ron moe

Dang that last battle was insane. Just subscribed yesterday, congrats on 100k Ash!

Yanglin Luo

Where did u get the music from ash lol


thank you ash


Wow! You have your own theme song at the end?


Elixir pump is OP, lol! Great video!

Josue Diaz

Your great at CLASH ROYALE!!!!

Josue Diaz

Great Vids Ash!!!!!

Mr ToGoodForYou

Hey guys if u need a clan join us arisma

Robert Avila

I'm gonna try your deck out, it seems pretty good lolBut the weakness is you dont have any AOE like fireball, rocket, or lightning to get the opponents structures or get a bit damage off they're towers to finish them off.

david exley

Maybe you should have tried to attack the right tower on the last match. You would have gotten the pumps and tower down and he didn't have much real estate left on that side to drop huts.


congrats on 100,000 man

Jared Pierce (Jard)

I don't have a rage spell yet, should I still use the deck?

gaming with nick

ash why is your current level 9 but your tower says 8 is that a bug or what?

Duncan Bannon

100k subs. congrats