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Clash podcast w/ on gan!

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Comments (20)

Tika Boss

pause at 0:01 , does anyone see the hearthstone icon?


I hate clash on gan

Onni Jansson

Suomi mainittu. Torilla tavataan


Would anyone else have rage quit if Chris hadn't opened that last card?

SABOtage - Clash of Clans

Dude phonecatss, whats your clan name? I'm lvl 5 taking on lvl 7's at 1400 trophies and I'm look for a good/fun clan :)

Alan the Archer

leage of lengends

aksel bjorkman

Well, I am sitting here watching ur vidz and trying to beat lvl4's and I am lvl2

Alan the Archer

in the us CA

Alan the Archer

and Pcats

Alan the Archer

hi gan

Blacky J

phonecatts whats youre clan name?


They should add Clan Wars.

FAZE gaming

i am level 2 and have to destroy level 4 unfair and i dont buy gems or something wtf

JesseJames Adams

I like these podcast. keep up the good work. cant wait till this launches globally.

2God4You !!!!!

love your clash royale videos!