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Comments (20)

Three Crowned

It kind of bothers me that virtually every character in the Supercell universe is white. I'm a white dude, but I'd really like to see a better mix of races in the characters.

Jerbus The Destroyer

Does anyone else think the ice wizard looks like he's super sayian blue?

Edwin Xu

3 musketeers will get REKT by a fireball

Liam Johnson

What if they made an ice shield that you could drop over troops or crown towers and it would block direct damage dealers or troops and has a certain amount of hit points

Michael Ernst

this was on my birthday

CocoNight GT

the princess is fake quz look at the top of the towers whits are guarding the king there the same

GreeNzMen Gaming

molt is the best y outuber out

Ryan Kabrick

Flying machine could be able to turn ground troops into air... like an Aladin type deal

RyanGoof1 3

It's fake cause if three musketeers cost ten it means you need eleven for the mirror of it

Reach Uddom

I like new guys

Jenny Low

I can join your clan I have 357trophies

Leonardo Bittarello

If the three musketeers are 10 elixir then how will the mirror be used on it?

Dumb Dum

the guy guy with the blue facial hair looks like a super saiyan god super saiyan with extra hair

Steven Cox

great job you guys always like watching both of you're guys videos

Lukas Krause

Play clash of clans!