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Clash podcast - hke drama update!

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They can just make the accounts owned by the same guy not face each other.


There is modding in Clash Of Clans and now there is modding in Clash Royale. Not talking exactly about this leader-board issue, but I won't even bother playing Royale till Supercell fixes their stuff.

Tom Riddle

Ive spent no money and im lv7 at 2677. Its fucking hard up here when so under level. Im vsing cunts with 2 level higher troops.


They should buff the barbarian hut, it should spawn faster.

Valdas V

Him not opening cheats made me so mad xD

Silver Lining

I spent 0The nerfs hurt free players as we only can build and level a few cards. If you have $$$$ you can change out your cards to the nonnerf cards. It really sucks what Molt is doing--hurts us when we have to work for our cards!


If im sad you are the person to watch ty

Jimbob Jimmy

How does the trophy system work for clash royale? Sometimes I would only win like 21 trophies from a 3 crown win, and other times I would love 37 from a one crown loss.


Fucking asians will do anything to win...


I'm at 2600+ with a level 7, without spending a penny, pretty happy about it??


I wanna see Molt playing with poor mans deck, no money account let's see how he cries

Morpyoto :3

I feel like the Spell nerf should have been only for Rocket and Lightning. The others aren't powerful enough to just take out straight up, they're more for clutching victories when you can't quite get there. The rocket and lightning are different, they're used to destroy towers without getting units to the tower.

Sean Crizer

Please do more of these


Is this a podcast in iTunes or is it a podcast here on YouTube?

Jeremy Dussault