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Clash podcast - gaming with molt!

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Comments (20)

Yoh Asakura

I'm waiting for the day you play Molt in the final round of a tournament using the xbow and mortar. I wanna see who can give more disrespect.

hyde gaming

Is there a phonecats2 clan? If not can you make one

Isa Hamilton

Found this channel on the replays board in Clash Royale ??

Ville Lindgren

Friends dont complain about eachother, they complain about others together!

Thekilo Blitz

Phone cats huge props on how you handled the CR drama and turned it around to benefit you I respect you so much more

Mr dank Memer

I like how molt is talking about how cheap derect damage is and phoncats just siting there with a guilty smile

octo draws

i actually call the double fireball in fact, ''hadouken'', i call mirror hogs ''cooked pork'' and mirror prince ''royal disaster''

Abe Lawrence

9:58 the sleeping cat has been spotted

Mishkin SK

Dude I was just crazy see you play xbow and saying mana but watching you since the first vid appears recommended. keep going!

Piotr Koziol

1:29 haha the cat behind you giving us the death stare

Michael Judd

Lol funny and cool vid. keep it up phonecats. I'm subbing

RyanGoof1 3

I thought you didn't like molt

Kenny McCormick

As moot said he liked the witch speed that is a problem also she has terrible health.

Solbash Gaming

Love seeing more people starting to do collabs man!

Jayme Doolan

xbow users have no skill at all, anyone who attacks a tower without getting a single troop to them shows that they're nothing but skill less morons