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Clash - new update idea 2v2 battle mode!

Clash Royale - New Update IDEA 2v2 Battle Mode! Clash Royale 2v2 idea for the new update. Clash Royale unique idea by a person. CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE: HELP ME REACH 10,000 SUBSCRIBERS! ------------------------------------------------------------------- FREE ITUNES: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to my Channel, in this channel I am going to share with you all Hearthstone, Clash of Clans, and Boom Beach videos in different series. Every game has its own playlist in my channel. Also, if every game has it is own series like if one game with two different series I put them in different playlists. However, if I liked new game or started to play another game, like it, and have long series ideas about it I will do videos about it. Furthermore, if there are many games you want me to play, any game; for example, iOS games and any other Mobile/Tablet Games I can do if you want to me do soO In Clash of Clans I do lets attack series with different strategies, such as I use a really different kind of troops that can help me to farm or get trophies or both, and Lets Play Series. Also, insane troops mix up. For example, mix of archers, barbarians, goblins, giants, healers, dragon, balloons, etc...and with a different use of spells. Furthermore, I do tips and tricks in Clash of clans. In Boom Beach I also do lets attack series with attacking different areas, and Lets Play series too, and in different troops like rifleman, zooka, heavy, etc. In Hearthstone I do a normal kind of episodes or series playing with any hero, and might do Arena series in the future. I have many ideas for the future. All I can do more if you give me your ideas. I really wanted to thank all of my subscribers that supported me, and liked my channel that they even pressed the sub button, and for all whole share my videos and tell to their friends, family, brothers, etc. about it. Also, thanks for all who got me more subscribers. Lastly, keep it in mind the more subscribers I get, the braver I am and you give me encouragement. Thank you again for subbing me O Dont forget to like the video! -------------------------------------------------------------------

Comments (20)


that picture looks more like it would ge a 1v1v1v1

Gabimanaver MC

I think it would more be like 2v2 1 king tower 3 normal towers and elixer would be reduced by 33%


that picture looks more like it would ge a 1v1v1v1

Andy Li

Maybe a walls card? It makes a wall where you place it and hog riders can jump over it, air troop fly over it, ground troop have to attack it, and range troop such as archers can shoot over it. It will disappear after 60 seconds and the level of the card will be the level of the wall (eg. Lvl 1 = wooden walls, lvl 2 = stone, etc...).Your troops can jump over even if they're ground troops. Bombers (skeletons with bomb, balloons don't count) do 2x more damage on walls.

Imperial Gaming

Dude great 2v2 concept but I think m9 is better ;)

RedDead Gaming

Its that real update?


nice vid

Shark Leven

nice video:-)

sarugesh dama


Morgan Lu

That might actually work, especially for youtubers to do tag team battles

Imperial Gaming

great upload dude love that you showed us this concept :)

Krypto- _ -MLG

nice video

Sam Quarry

Everyone! Like this video!

Pepra60 Gaming

Nice video, Good Idea i think that they should put this into the game!

Valkyrie Rage

I don't like the idea.Rather it just cause to much chaos.If you can't here your partner, with most won't be using some kinda chat unless irl friends, you cant understand each others moves. Some one plays the wrong card that does not respond to you could hold you back.Once people see this the hype well sooner turn to negativity.I know I'd hate to lose cause of my partner, and for them to lose cause me.also it that's what the map would look like that awful. Simply my opinion...