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Clash - new musketeer and giant strategy!

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Comments (10)

Anthony Garcia

Skelton Giant , giant , which wizerd, muskateer ,spear goblins ,skeleton ,, and what ever other card . archers suck . always keep a giant in front of your attaking troops . that's the key to this strategy but it's easy to defended against it by fire ball ..... like after he double freeze spell your giant . .. and you were campaign he killed your whole army with a fire ball . you haven't master this strategy yet and even if you do it won't help you... unless you get elixar control . stop spawning units back to back only spawn what you need and make shur it's cheaper then what he is spawning .

Aleksandar Hajdukovic

Key kid, why are you complaining about double freeze spell? It was super appropriate, because it was for blocking your musketeer and tower so he destroyed it in a great way.

Spyros Flouris

u have your music high and you whisper and i cant hear you wtf


Add rage and it's really good


Thanks for video u deserve more subscriptions



hey I was checking out clash royale videos and i saw yours. great video!!! im also posting clash royale and im a new youtube maybe you could check me out and subscibe :) keep up the good work!!!

Wolf Pack


This strategy is awesome I'm subbed!

Kethis - Gaming

Nice video! Subbed(: