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Clash : new deck! (giant and hog rider)

A new deck I found out about, uses the hog rider and giant as the main attacking force!

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Jami Wanvig

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Corina Bueti

Myrna Hackshaw

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Spider Sir

can't hear shit!

sunnyboy 453

That intro killed me "Haaaay"

Michael Blount

Nice video man! I have been trying to find strategies to use my newly acquired hog rider and I think this kinda helps. Keep making cool videos!

kaiser kiw

if I dun have the motar what can I replace it with?

Simon Ostergaard

The PEKKA is a she... xD i love ur vids btw keep up the good work :D

BigBoy Aygarn

Hey I was checking out Clash Royale videos and I saw this awesome work man sick video!!! I'm also posting Clash Royale and I'm a new YouTuber maybe you could check me out :) Keep up the good work!!! maybe try getting some face cam action in there :) I'm subbed

The Blueberry

Have you spent any money on the game yet? Or have you gotten to Arena 6 all legit =O


The hog and the giant are such a nasty combo!