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Clash - never lose again! best defensive deck!

Never Lose Another Match in Clash Royale again with the BEST Defensive Deck in the game! Follow ITL on Twitter @inTheLightCR and check out their website @ Check out my Clash of Clans 2012-2016 Timeline! Follow my Graphics Designer on Twitter! - @IssamDesigns MOBILE LINK FOR FREE GEMS IN 20 MINUTES - Learn how here : If you enjoyed the video you just watched, show it some love by hitting that Like button. Leave a Comment down below, and make sure to Subscribe if you havent already. Follow me on Social Media! Twitter : @Jewishlewish Twitch :

Comments (14)

Simon B

this is shit against pekka

Simon B

needs I ferno

Kevin Ishmael

I dropped to barb bowl with this deck


Nice deck Jewish I was looking for how to use it, helped me out a ton, I subbed bro


Nice deck Jewish I was looking for how to use it, helped me out a ton, I subbed bro

Carlos s

upload new deffensive deck

Jewishlewish - Clash of Clans

I WILL STILL BE USING THIS DECK AFTER THE NERF. I do NOT rely on my rocket to win the match for me. I use fireballs to take out defensive buildings (while doing damage to towers IF I can) so that my hogrider can make it to the tower. I also like to sometimes throw my goblin barrel along with the hog so that it does even more damage. However, sometimes I save the barrel for the rocket combo because if launched at the same time, the smoke from the rocket HIDES the goblin barrel, so the opponent can't use arrows to take out my goblins. I do not rely on my rocket/fireball to win me the match, i mainly use the hog and goblins to do damage as you can tell in the video. I will continue to use the deck after the nerf because of all the previously stated reasons and for the fact that the damage is only being reduced by 20%. Since this video, I have pushed to 2500 with the deck.The video that I said should be coming out tomorrow (Feb 16) might be coming out Wednesday instead (Feb 17) because all of the replays that I wanted to show were wiped from the maintenance break, so the 3000+ trophy players need time to get new replays. Thanks for reading :)

Tuff - Clash of Clans

I dropped 150+ Cups with this deck


Why would you be proud of being Jewish? That's like saying "Yay I'm a dirty fuckin cockroach!"

Rainbowsix Seige

Good video I'm gonna use that deck

Jacob Rodriguez

I hate that deck it for people with no skill. I mean all you do is drop rockets on the tower. No skill at all

armando1999 - Clash of clans

I suck at clash royale no matter which deck i use :/ Lol

Mustafa Eissa


Benjamin Soto

OMG HE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!! Hell yeah post more of this!!!!