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Attention! Clash Royale free gems and money codes - read more.

Clash | max gold chest openings! | unlocking 2 epic cards! best chest opening!

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Comments (20)

Doge Of ice

The prince sucks he is easily countered

Jojo Bieber

Good work man thanks for the hardwork u put into this video

Mert UKnow

Song names 1st and 2nd plz


how the fuck did you get a epic in a gold chest :(

Mudzinul Haq

good job!!!

Mason Priore

How where u missing two arena 1 epics at arena 6

Dmytro Vytivskiy

You are stupid

Patrick Milton

U don't have prince?!!? I got him in arena 1!

tanksgame tnaks

SWEEET BABY RAGE! GG bro I want that spell so bad! IM JELLY FOR DONUTS D:! Great video bro :)! I wanna see dem mystical chests doe :D! LOL nah these gold chests are OP too, maybe next time do it on epic card sunday to increase your odds? :D

sammy mayes

How do u play clash royals is it an app?

Jayson Bujold

Congrats on the prince :)


Nice chest opening!

tanksgame tnaks

:O I was the 69th viewer! NO WAY??? Proud of me now Godson? :D-Inside joke if some of you don't watch this channel a lot :D

DarkSide Gaming


kinkedapple 99

hey can you do a coc video again is me Nixon 2