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Clash magical chest opening!

CLASH ROYALE - MAGICAL CHEST OPENING! New Clash Royal Gameplay. Opening Magical Chests! Clash Royale is super! Clash on! ps yes, its very short Clan Battles?

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ijustdontknow Guy

TTgaming= Touching Things gaming.


Is the TT bit of your name referring to the Isle of Man TT?


Are u touching things

I dont have a good name

Dude nearly 800 subs keep going

i Firekirby

Some constructive criticism for your channel!1. Try to make your videos longer! This way you get more time to explain what is going on and etc.2. Try to explain your emotions. By this I mean say how you feel about a certain subject, and things like that3. Try to make smoother transitions. Your doing good just try to do some pauses between sentences so you can get your point across4. Try to explain what the game is and put things in perspective, so that people know you are getting something good!5. Try and speak louder if you can. It will help people hear you better.Other suggestions(opinionated)An intro would be pretty cool.A series would be good to watch on a game!Maybe try PC games, like Rust or CSGOMaybe get a face cam sometime, but only if you are comfortable doing it!Anyways, hope your having a good I hope your channel will reach great heights!P.S I hope I didn't come out as mean in any of my statements

Max Yetter

could you play the binding of Isaac? preferably the new ones like afterbirth or rebirth.

Cole Friesen

I'm sorry but that wasn't the best of magical chests but it's a start! Baby drags are pretty good but a prince would be better :D

Geometry Dash (Fawn)

I'm lucky because I got the beta so I'm level 8. I'm happy you play this game :D

Lucy Thomas

you have so much gold!!! can you be so kind and donate to the laundry basket foundation as it helps homeless laundry baskets find a loving home. thank you TT