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Clash lucky with legendaries?! 11 super magical chest opening

Clash Royale Opening 11 Super Magical Chest! Can we Get Lucky Clash Royale Super Magical Chest Opeing High Level Gameplay! Subscribe for more Clash Royale! - >Clash Royale Free Gems! - Previous Clash Royale Video Video! - Previous Chest Opening Video - Link to the Giveaway - _ >Vainglory (Second) Channel - > Yugioh Channel - >Click Here For Official BenTimm1 Clothing - >Watch Me Live! - >Follow me on twitter! - >Follow me on Google ! - Music: All Music Is Monstercat! Check them out! Label Channel:

Comments (20)

Animeniac Simey

Comment #239!!!

Gaming With Jay

Ben trying to act cool when he speaks his intro it's annoying

Geometry Dash G3T R3CKT

omfg i hate supercell i never have the fucking hog rider in the shop.... never .never. i just had it one day at 2,5 months ago when i start playing. . fuck supercell. ........ and legendarys of course 0 and I'm with 2655....


"It takes a while" That shit takes years to redeem a $5 gift card, FreeMyApps? FreeMyBullshit...

Den Royale Ged

Nice Video

Tobias Neumuller

ommmg i just found my first supermagical chest in arena 7 !!!!

Derrick Lien

Ben can u please drop the clan required trophies to 1400


Do u think the hog meta will ever die ive been using it since the first week this game came out

Mason Sawler

If I got reset to 3k, and haven't battled since, can I get a legend in the shop?

Jakedog GD

One thousandth like right here boiz!


I love watching these vids BENNNNNNNNNNN

Demolish Noobs

I'm at 3020 trophies but your clan is on invite only ??


looks like an addict


Legit delete all ur videos and rename ur username to ~ImGonnaGetInfected~ LoL Cuz its looks like you got infected with black death I even see ur buboes growing in on ur eyes ;)

Animeniac Simey

Sorry 241!!