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Clash | losing streak?!

CLASH ROYALE | Losing Streak?! SKYPE: FunnyRampage LINE: FunnyRampage SOCIAL MEDIA - Twitter! If you like what you saw give the video a like! If you want to stay updated of what I upload then make sure to subscribe! And if you want to support my channel please share my videos with your friends because watching together is always more fun than watching alone! Thank you for taking your time watching my video and Ill see you soon in the next episode!

Comments (7)

Clash Royale Hrvatska

Noooooob! You have voice like someone squeze your testis

Andreas Michaelides

I don't know why, but I find the intro song hilarious

Andreas Michaelides

Some advice, you should use cheaper cards, it seems that you run out of elixir too quickly


Your the worst player I've ever seen in my life sorry.....


Is his voice meant to be the funny part


Nice Video :)


You mean losing??