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Clash - look ma, no x bow!

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Comments (20)

Jansen Taylor

Low key, he kinda looks like a mole rat

Jansen Taylor

25:27, is that a shot at molt perhaps?

adam farley

dude i love your facial expressions!

marche craftero

Retired coc hacker

Caroline Murray-Hicks

Use fireball on minion horde, it costs 1 elixir less, using inferno tower trades for same amount,

Tanishq Aggarwal

Whats his intro song??

Brandon Plata

You didn't say "Well played, good game" to the first guy you beat :(


"Ah it's so pleasant being a scrub" ??

DED Raion

will this release on andoid? if yes then when? <--is that english? how much do i pay for f2p? 10k cents ofc!

SABOtage - Clash of Clans

lolol i though u won that game wtf happen


Fireball the minions!

Croni Cron


Adrian - Lets Clash

it was so close with the fireball

Cocovalk Gt

pcats u play it in phone?

Anthony Filippi

Stop playing Clash Royale please...