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Attention! Clash Royale free gems and money codes - read more.

Clash lets play episode 10 giveaway!

If you dont have the game because you dont have a canadian apple account heres one I made Email: Password: Clashroyale1 Be sure to leave a comments saying thanks if you used this to get clash royale. For any of you lovers of the popular clash of clans this new game is from supercell the makers of clash of clans, boom beach, hay day and more and have now released the amazing clash royale showing characters from their previous game clash of clans in a different style of head to head card based gameplay. In this video Ill be opening some chests so if you enjoy be sure to leave a like and subscribe for more. Also remember to check out some of these links : How to get vshare : Link to Kyles channel : Link to iTz-Smithy (designer): Twitter link : Google link : Twitch link :

Comments (20)


I would like these gems because most of my friends have these awesome stuff and I have like full chests lol


I'm also in the clan and donate alot

hell on earth

bro i need them too much my friends are bulying me in school becouse they are bether then me in clash royale please give me to buy chests

Minerva Gaming

I need it because i have really bad Luck and i never get goot cards so maybe with the 10$ i can get Some epics from THE magical chest


my name on clash id The viking and im level 6. how to get in ur clan. hail odin

Naif Blah blah

I need it be cause my friend challenged me to get prince before him

Naif Blah blah

Eat a like mate

bryan velazquez

i play with my friends they all have good cards and tell me to spend my momey on packs but i have no money


Super Magical Chest????

The legnadery Gamers

i need to upgrade me troops and up al leagus beacuse me frinds winning me

SwordOfDestin 711

I subscribed to you so can you suscribe to me


Really bad plz????????


I need it I'm in your clan I'm little Mitz

Metal Sage

I would appreciate the gems as I am looking to unlock my golems, my friend is in your clan, ethanop, and the gems would help me get higher and also get into a feeder of the clash pirates family


Show me more of these