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Attention! Clash Royale free gems and money codes - read more.

Clash global update leaked? ¦ legendary cards! ¦

Clash Royale Global Update information leaked? Check out the new Clash Royale Update leak(?) info on new Legendary cards, new arenas, spell, and chests! Check out the BRAND NEW game, Clash Royale, as it pits players head-to-head in a NEW game with familiar faces from Clash of Clans! FREE Gems in Clash Royale and Clash of Clans: 1. Go to in Safari on your iPad, iPhone or iPod 2. Enter GALADON referral code to get 50 bonus points 3. Try Free apps, earn points and redeem for iTunes ($5 iTunes free) Nothing has changed on YouTube- but you CAN see all of my videos 7 days earlier (and TONS of other content) here: Come watch me STREAM and see exclusive content! Follow for updates! The Angels Among Demons and/or Let There Be Light, “Become A Legend” by Instrumental Core licensed through Really Slow Motion. Licensing documentation on file with YouTube. You can visit them here: Website: YouTube: ------------------------------------------------------ Clash Royale is here! In an exciting real-time format, players battle head-to-head in tower defense (and offense), attempting to take out towers while defending your own! Familiar faces from the Clash universe are here, like Archers, PEKKA, Goblins, Golems, Minions and more - but there are also NEW characters in these cards, including the Prince, Musketeer, Mini Pekka, Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, and the feared GIANT SKELETON! Which cards will you bring in your deck in a battle for Clash Crowns and ultimate supremacy! Check out these other Clash Royale Gameplay videos: Clash Royale YouTuber Tournament: Clash Royale Strategy Series: Clash Royale Shout Cast:

Comments (20)

Elvin Lazar

How do you get the update I'm clicking on UPDATE but what it tells me to download the game and if I go on updates available but it still wouldn't let me get the update T_T and really just want to play the game but I can't :(


Wow the leak was correct :O


Why does this idiot never use the arrows. ?? Could have saves him at 2:49


hope they reduce the time for unlocking a chest. 6hrs for gold and 2hrs or even 1:30mins for silver. And once a week we earn magical chest. I mean its impossible to max this game without spending

Brian Reilly

So they decided to rip off Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan...


You forgot the other update it changes the name of the game to Cash Royale



covey middleton

what about arena 4 and below?

Fred Johnson

How come they are introducing a global update, yet the US doesn't even have the app in the App Store

Nathan Jordan

giant chest gives 2 free chests?


No card can cost 10 elixir, because of the mirror, how can you mirror if you can't get 11 elixir

ibrahim ozdemir

Supercell are you kiddin me?If Clash Royal become an P2P I gonna sucide!

King Chapo


Thunder Thor

they really need to make epic cards more common to get else its to hard to get high lvl epic with out gems

wiilliam niccol

What video are you going to do because you have 1,000,00 subs bro