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Clash game review | | episode 8

Ive decided to start bringing you guys more Clash content every week by posting Clash Royale videos every Sunday in addition to the Clash of Clans videos I give you guys every Friday! I know this video is going up on a Tuesday due to time issues, but from now on, you can expect some Clash Royale tips and tricks every Sunday! In this video, I will explain everything there is to know about how Clash Royale is played and I will show you guys a live attack so people who have not downloaded the game yet can see what it is like. NOTE: In this video, I say that Clash Royale should come out in early March, but I was surprised to see that it came out today. I guess thats better than early March! ------------------------ IncendiumCoC Clash YouTuber

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TriBe Razz


Clash Royale is the best mobile game right now!