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Clash | double epic card unlocking! card upgrades ()

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Comments (20)

you tuber

eko i cant join you clan u clanare full are many prople join it

Apriel Phaskah

Hey ecko I almost at arena 4

Mariyal Hanna

Echo your clan is full please kick some players so I can join


ecko what happened to clash of clans?

robert schaefer

Minion hoard can be killed very easily.

Adithya Pradeep

switch your witch for the wizard or baby dragon or bomber

marvel phoenix ang

the episode starts with 1365 and ended on 1368 how is that an episode you only gain 3 trophies from the start

21fgt bich

Ecko the miner and princess r the best legendarys, sparky and lava hound r kind of shit...

XxInfinity GamingxX

Wait u play clash royale I think I once battled u idk if it was u

kostastsom gr

ecko are you happy about the minecraft update coming next week I am crazy happy

awsome models

hi ecko what do you use 1for recording android 2for editing your videos ??????????

The Realist

You have to much heavy troops

Dmitrius butler

Can I join and battle you

Sam Hernandez

Just use a valkyrie to take out the wizard it's literally that easy

Wave Cbasss

Ecko you waste elixir and you attack when you have no elixir wait til you got 10 elixir thats the way to attack eficiently and use elixir overcharge to gain advantage