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Attention! Clash Royale free gems and money codes - read more.

Clash deck ¦ the dirtiest deck ever ¦ pre-update!

Clash Royale Deck - The DIRTIEST Clash Royale Deck yet - I dont feel bad showing this strategy - that that it will be NERFED SEVERELY tomorrow in the Clash Royale balancing update! FREE Gems in Clash Royale and Clash of Clans: See all of my videos 7 days earlier: Come watch me STREAM: The Angels Among Demons and/or Let There Be Light, Become A Legend by Instrumental Core licensed through Really Slow Motion. Twitter: Instagram: @Galadoncoc

Comments (20)

Skipprans2974 CS:GO & More!

You're not a real Trainer. Are you?

JTCs Bricks

this tactic is so cheap. the point of the game isnt to win with all range damage

Kazi Anik

galadon your video sucks!

James Segundo

Full Katy Perry LOL

Alexander Tristan Jonsson

i was on the app store when the game launched one of the first to download it ant im at 1500 trophies im so bad

Corals Dog

Molt would hate this

Ranjan Mirdha

level 5 dirty deck please...


you know whats sad? this shit still works. it happened to me. couldnt do shit against it.


Everybody wants to quote Molt about the games "intention is to get troops to the tower". If you remove ranged damage you must also remove tesla and inferno for players that set up defensive structures and won't attack. This game will never be peaceful, you will always think something is dirty, you will always lose some. There are three different methods to win to prevent boring stalemates. Not very fun running troops into tesla and inferno every time is it guys? I feel your rage, it's a great game, get used to losing matches, it's part of the game.

King Yvans - Clash of Clans

I just play defense and push hard at the end when double Elixir, lol

Tamara Santiago

I want this game but I live in United States I already pre-registered to when it comes out!



Illuminati Confirmed

69 dislikes! definitely dirty hm,m

Zacy Wacko (Zacywacko)

Is it at all weird that all youtubers who do clash royale use the term 'dirty'?

Luke Trinnaman

ill take you down with that:: 'deck' ::?????