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Clash - closest match ever - arena 4!

CLASH ROYALE! by far the closest match i have ever had in this game, and a very nerve racking live match! like, comment and share you wobblers (: ? Become a Skwobbler > ? Facebook > ? Twitter > would really appreciate it guys (: Skwobble

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Bike race of kings

shut the fuck up bombers are the best


Hey man first of all I wan’t to say nice video mate. Awesome content on the channel. I have a shoutout sunday series where I shout people out. You win by being an active subscriber. Helps grow the channel a little bit :).


Great video left a like come check out my channel you might even win a shoutout Sunday!!!


Nicely done, i find it very interesting and funny XD but good job skwobble.

Footy King

I've subbed sub to my channel for FIFA 16 and other gaming content thanks m8


I really liked it bro well done on the editing i must admit it was really good :) You coudn't check out my most recent video could you, you would have a chance to win a shoutout which can gain you around 300+ Subscribers! BTW i'm currently on 6,900 Subscribers <3

Risk Vizor

Nice video


Nice video bro ... I'll stay constant I left a sub plz do the same ??(I'm legit )

gamer hard

really enjoyed watching it :D maybe check my newest video out too

Asaru Lesfrance

That close match ??

derp madness

wait wait wait you went to arena 3 to arena 5 in 2 days wow good job


i like the intro :D also when do you plan to make the QnA video?

StormCloud- Clash of Clans

I won an attack when the other guy's rocket was in mid-air and my arrows just managed to take his crown tower out

derp madness

hi skwobble what is your favorite troop

RAS Gaming (ras berry k1lla)