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Clash - changed my battle deck in 3 crowns win!

Clash Royale - Changed My Battle Deck in Clash Royale 3 Crowns Win! Clash Royale New Deck is Now My Best Deck Because I win! CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE: HELP ME REACH 10,000 SUBSCRIBERS! ------------------------------------------------------------------- FREE ITUNES: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to my Channel, in this channel I am going to share with you all Hearthstone, Clash of Clans, and Boom Beach videos in different series. Every game has its own playlist in my channel. Also, if every game has it is own series like if one game with two different series I put them in different playlists. However, if I liked new game or started to play another game, like it, and have long series ideas about it I will do videos about it. Furthermore, if there are many games you want me to play, any game; for example, iOS games and any other Mobile/Tablet Games I can do if you want to me do soO In Clash of Clans I do lets attack series with different strategies, such as I use a really different kind of troops that can help me to farm or get trophies or both, and Lets Play Series. Also, insane troops mix up. For example, mix of archers, barbarians, goblins, giants, healers, dragon, balloons, etc...and with a different use of spells. Furthermore, I do tips and tricks in Clash of clans. In Boom Beach I also do lets attack series with attacking different areas, and Lets Play series too, and in different troops like rifleman, zooka, heavy, etc. In Hearthstone I do a normal kind of episodes or series playing with any hero, and might do Arena series in the future. I have many ideas for the future. All I can do more if you give me your ideas. I really wanted to thank all of my subscribers that supported me, and liked my channel that they even pressed the sub button, and for all whole share my videos and tell to their friends, family, brothers, etc. about it. Also, thanks for all who got me more subscribers. Lastly, keep it in mind the more subscribers I get, the braver I am and you give me encouragement. Thank you again for subbing me O Dont forget to like the video! -------------------------------------------------------------------

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Friend? ??



Imperial Gaming

GreAt upload dude :) btw your growing like crazy keep it up

Pro Games TV


ClashyClanz| Clash of Clans Gameplay

I was 5,000 sub! hehe keep up the great work!

Boys For Boys The Players

hey mate nice video

TheDan Channel

But u r in arena 3 I am in arena 6 it's a lot harder

Valkyrie Rage

I find i hard to let go of my Deck, but i try to be flexible. :).. Great Vid. Congratulations on 5k subs.


great video !

Captain Clash Mobile Gaming

I don't think I am going to play it but it is fun watching you


Wow! Cool vid! I also subbed and liked

Frgamer200 >Clash of Clans<

Thanks for coment in my video! You are a great youtuber :D

Kral Oyuncu

kardesim super olmus seri gelsin :)

Luca Mierop

What clan are you Now I really want in your clan ( Ik Zane from the clan Wicked Gaming )