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Clash - brace yourself, android is coming

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Comments (20)

Ocello Gaming

I played it on android by a online store

Flamy Zam

I wish this was coming for IOS/Apple

Andrea Conti

ciao sono l'unico italiano

Moh Cenation

Nickatnyte uses that soundtrack in his clash royal intros

Jimmy Lim

So... u watch Nickatnyte vid?!


if you want to download in android just download from browser


7:20Stonebank - Another Day

The Budder Sword

Is it me or do you never see anyone playing in spell valley

Joshua Siegel

Over donating is super real. I have played the game for two weeks and donated over 210 troops. I am almost level six but my cards are premature because I 1 donate them and 2 don't spend money. Whenever I almost get to pekka's playhouse, I fight a level 7 with super advanced towers. I usually fight 6's.

Ashley Beck

i am andoid wqtchin u nicks and molts vid to learn

Ashley Beck

idk about xbow dont realy care


Chris I knew these when I was level 2 it's the most obvious things


Hey the 20 dislikers, you aren't Molt fans, they won't be haters I am a Molt fan...but I don't hate I love pcats as wel and xbow is not cheap :) Molt hit nr. 1 Chris

Adele Choong

Pcats can u pls play minecraft plssssssssssssssssssss!

Jackbob Pi

Hey ugly, there's no correct way to deploy your cards... Some people like to tap, others like to drag. Personally, I like to drag because in doing so, it highlights what buildings or troops that will be affected by whatever you drop, tapping doesn't do that. So tapping is not "going pro" because dragging is actually more effective.