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Clash - best deck? wow! attempting my best strategy

Today we look at my best deck in Clash Royale! Hope you enjoyed todays Clash Royale gameplay, like for more! WORLDS FASTEST FREE GEMS! (CLICK HERE) - HOW TO GET FREE GEMS!- DOWNLOAD KAMCORD HERE!: WATCH ME STREAM LIVE HERE!: Instagram- btubehwd T-Shirt Shop- CLICK HERE FOR MORE!- Add me on GooglePlus!- MYSTlC7 Appbounty Free Gems!- Follow me on Twitter Here!- Intro Song: Alan Walker- Spectre Outro song- Sorry by Dee Dot Jones  Music by Dee Dot Jones- Contact Email:

Comments (20)

Miles Daily

"u gotta be careful to not push to hard on this deck, we're gonna hard on this deck"

Gateway FabLab

the wow part cracked me up!

Gateway FabLab


Canned Prince

How come all the people your verse suck crap

Ishti Talukder

you didnt put wow in your name of the video


I..I need more of this

Joseph N.


Clasher Jordster


Devin Brown

lol he said sillly

Luke Voice

can u kick someone out of your clan plz and I join plzzzzzzzz????

Dylan VanWye

Useless deck against arrows...


i have a higher lvl giant then then them and im in barbarian bowl..


Clash royale is fun as fuck

Ezequiel Ramirez

anyone got that rimmel london ad lol how can she be a model or watever with that space between them teeths lol


This deck is really weak againts the barb and spearhut strategy