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Clash - best deck! - pekkas playhouse and spell valley - arena 4 and 5

I used this deck to get up to Arena 5 and kept consistent trophies. You may need a different deck or upgrade this one to get into Arena 6. Like for more videos and dont forget to subscribe! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ SONGS: Intro: Warrior of the Night - Aerochord Rest of the video: We Rise: San Holo ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ - TacoBlender

Comments (20)

So Anxey

music. was lit fam

James Lisle

thanks this really helped man keep it up

Abroon Asif

Cloudzyy which is better for pushing to arena 5? This one or the Amazing prince deck?

Carlos Hernandez

what's this song


I don't have a prince

Sir Crazy J

Hey cloudzyy, I don't have the minion horde, can I replace it with just minions?

Shark_Man21 YT

Thanks so much for that deck, it works so well! Definitely a sub for that!! You should keep posting vids, try for everything??

Mild Surfer

Nice cloudzzy n really its correct i do have the same attack strategy except i use the hog not the prince but yup prince is better thx subed you

Jeetu Baug

which song is it?


Yep bro tell what u would like it to look like


Best deck for arena 4:-Prince-Dragon-mini/normal pekka-rage-arrows-telsa/inferno tower-cannon-(this one changes to how u wanna play) skeleton army/barb hut(barracks)/hogs

Franko Zdunic

this strategy is shit in pekka's playhouse.

Razor X

That was pretty cool...I'm a level 6 and just trying to get to spell valley...that helped...and hope u get a cool Intro soon


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Alright If you haven't checked yet. I've sent the intro to you're email. Any if there are any problems, let me know.