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Clash | best arena 4 deck! | easy wins!

Here is a video on the best deck for arena 4 in Clash Royale! This deck can counter every troops in Clash Royale! Also, this deck is not hard to build because it only has 2 epic cards in it. The elixir cost is around 4 elixir, with is pretty low so many troops can be deployed on the screen quickly. The troops used are: Baby Dragon, Lightning, Hog Rider, Tombstone, Minion Horde, Barbarians, Archers, and Arrows. Hope you enjoy this video! If you learned any tips or use this deck, please remember to like, comment, and subscribe! INTRO DM Galaxy - Bad Motives feat. Aloma Steele [NCS Release] DM Galaxy ? SoundCloud ? Facebook Outro: Subtact - Away [NCS Release] Subtact ? SoundCloud ? Facebook ? Twitter ? Instagram Thumbnail: Panziod Background: Hog Rider: Baby Dragon: Minion Horde: Tombstone: Barbarians: Archers: Lightning: Arrows: This content is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Supercell and Supercell is not responsible for it.

Comments (20)

AllanYasi Cruz

Damn Dude Thank's You. It Really Work's, I Love It, And Again, Thank You!


got yourself a sub bro! new fav yter??

Abhishek Lawand

What if i took spear gobs instead of barbs and a musketeer instead of the minion horde? Because the elixir cost is high

Byung-hwa Kim

It's very sad that I don't have lightning spell.. Any weakness with this deck??

Charles X

I have all te cards but they are not at a high level should I still use this deck ? Nice video btw :) !

Anthony Kuan

Really helpful tq!

Grizzly Gaming

More clash royale plz I subbed

Rafay Shahid

what if i dont have the dragon ?


wow thanks i lost 90 cups trying this deck it sucks ass

Clash Royale Wiki

Just have to say thank you,just ripped through two matches. (3 Starred both)

Royal Domination

Awesome dude really annyoing but awesome

G4briel CoC

not baby dragon

Cody Souther

Great video you played the deck so well and it seems you haven't used it often considering your baby dragon is level 1 with no cars and it seems you've mastered deck already.Ive been level 6 for around 30 minutes but I still haven't found a baby dragon...Help?

TOxiC_SnIp3zz zz

I love this deck I beat the opponents so easy and I can destroy very hard troops


Earned a sub :) btw, AMAZING deck I had only 1123 trophies and I was thinking to myself, if I lose this my life is done, lol. I won 5 games in a row to bump me up to 1198 trophies thank you :)