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Clash : beating defensive decks as f2p level 6 (2200 trophies)

Beatdown of a deck that doesnt run units. There are some missplays in this game as its an older replay but Ill point them out to you and tell you how stupid I am.

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great video you australian sack of shit

Khaldoon Feda

Great videos but if. You make the videos longer will be better

the bubba

You make the best Clash Royale videos, keep up the great work! I really hope this channel grows and succeeds for you!

Carlos R

Dang man, I wish I was a beast at this game like you. I'm level 7 and can't get past 1790


I am a level 6 but I don't have the freeze spell. What deck/strategy should I use?


I love going up against defensive decks!

Dr. marijuana !

Another great video. Been killin it with ur deck except wizard in place of minion horde cuz mine is weak. 2230 cups as a level 6. Thanks so much for the advice!

Tony Cheng

finally, a video on how to deal with rocket guys.