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Clash - amazing no epic card deck- 2000 trophy push!

Amazing Battle Deck that uses no Epic Cards in Clash Royale. Tips and Strategy on the how to use deck. A Level 6 Player ranked way higher than me beat me with this deck. Deck includes Barbarians and Knight to tank. Tombstone and wizard for defense. Archers and Spear Goblins to run behind tanks. Fireball and hog to finish them off.

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so a bastatrd

Chad Tinney

I got you fam +1 sub I like your style

Alpha X

1:32 lel a lot of his vids have good deck but RIGHT AWAY... plagiarism?

GriffTheWizard more clash've realy helped me so far.....keep it up bro


I dont have the goblins barrel or something like that xDBut i use normal goblins


Dude I love your channel bro legit helps me so much!!

Matthew Cox

alternative for wizard?

Zephaniah Goodwin

Really loving you videos. Helping me get out of a tough spot. Hope you ramp up the clash royale vids.

anil poudel

I think it would be good to use spear goblin hut instead of tombstone

ZeroRarity GT

I've been using a slightly similar deck for a month now. Except that I don't use fireball and graveyard, but I do use rocket and arrows.

ZeroRarity GT

Also, when you have an enemy who uses defensive buildings with only one crown tower left, just place barbs near it to immediately wreck it!

caleb chan

the guy that defeated u is my friend! Alvinnnnnnnn!u didn't even mentioned his name!!!!

Fanta Cro

did he say that we are clash royale noobs?!

albin 101

doo you still play coc

Denis Gonzalez Blandon

How do u have so many gold chest all I get is silver ones :(