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Clash - 3 crowns machine ::: barbarians wave!

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good video bro i really like clash royale videoa

Drago games

hi its me kaz i wanted to ask how do you make your thumb nails


A lot of barbarians!! They are very effective.

General Mike17

Brittany spears?! What ! ...they're Goblin spears..

ShadowGhost E

can I get a Inv to the clan my name is Shadowghost E I have 1494 trophies at the moment

Future Gamer

+TheGameHuntah Plz make path of war one of primary games because I really wanna join ur alliance


Barbarians are the tits!

Soira Maxeau



3, 2, 1 ......Booom! GG xD

Nicholas Vargas

Can you please make more Star Wars Commander videos