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Card glitch in?!

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Lemuel Vannuland

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The Gaming Legend

OK u played a player who was in arena 6 and u obviously won so u got an arena 6 chest.????????

Amal Memon


Zeis Takoko

or 6 down to 5

Zeis Takoko

u just went up to arena 7 and dropped back down to arena 6


He got demoted

FAKE Aquaman

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Idiot that's not a card glitch u opened a chest I think it was magical or giant I retard

Zachary Vaughan

This is bs he was in the 6th arena and the just dropped trophys after getting it

Philip Te

Guys he problem already had the collector

Dan Lucas


Dan Lucas

I don't get it

Noah Roethlisberger

how did u do that I can't figure it out

Vxyd Games

I don't get it???

Greg .ells

what 1641 mean