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17 giant skeletons world record!!! – breaking two new world records! (epic)

Clash Royale gameplay from Eclihpse! Breaking the new giant skeleton world record in Clash Royale! We managed to get 17 giant skeletons! :D LINK TO GIVEAWAY: If you enjoyed the video please drop a like (it only takes 1.7 seconds) and leave a comment with some feedback! Subscribe for the BEST Clash Videos! :D Click to Subscribe!: >< Keep up and follow my social media! > Twitter:< View my Playlists! I have playlists for each base type, commentaries, and anything else related to my channel! >< -------------------------------------------------------- Intro Song: Jetta - Id Love to Change the World (Matstubs Remix)

Comments (20)

Lee Aguilera

when he broke my record I was like .l. (??).l.


He kept calling the giant skeletons royal giants??

Jeff Chu

My game name is Phoenix6y and I placed 6 baby dragons.You can try that

Lucas Lau

We should have more of these records

FaZe Quickscoper

you're wrong my high score is 10,000,000 giant skeletons and 3000 Pekkas in the same game!!!!!!

Pedro 1438

When Eclihpse only replys to haters instead of fans

Diego Coronel

omg best idea most skeletons

kevin valerio

lol he said royal giants instead of giants skeletons

Dolphin Jammer

Your wrong because i had 23 giant skeltons

gian miguel

6:36 17 royal giants ??

D Man

You said royal Giants at the end of a ton of giant skeletons

Brixton Lloyd

its 26

Jesper Sucksdorff

my personal record is 5 pekkas :)

Edyta Jezewska

I tried minions I got 58

King Carl

sees giant skeleton across the bridge nope there on the other half of the bridge